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We love hearing from those who have taken a Loving Doodle home. These puppies have become beautiful dogs and beloved companions.  Listen to what some of our happy Loving Doodle families have to say!

Ruby, Red Merle Aussiedoodle dog

Ruby is just so good and happy and charming and delightful!


Remi, Chocolate Aussiedoodle

Remy is a sweet tempered, intelligent pup who loves to hike. His curiosity and friendly disposition are tempered by an awareness and sense of caution not always present in a 10 month old puppy. As you might expect, Remy is a bundle of energy and enjoys neighborhood walks and romping with his buddies at the dog park. Even though Remy is a spirited pup, he’s affectionate and enjoys quiet time too, especially during our evening snuggle on the sofa. Remy is a much loved addition to the family and I couldn’t be happier with my canine companion!Denise T.

Bella, Aussiedoodle dog

Bella is always laying on me. Follows me from room to room.


Skip, Black and white Aussiedoodle

If you are looking for a breeder, look no further. Not only was Rosemary diligent, kind and easy to work with, her whole family is involved in the process! We love our dog “Skip” so much. He is the sweetest and we couldn’t have asked for a better dog or experience.
Jodie D.



"This is Emmy, aka Bella.  She is 33lbs.  She is very well loved!"

-Maribeth B.


"Max is getting bigger at 5 months... about 27 pounds now.  He is such a good puppy.  He likes to lie at my feet and follow me around everywhere I go.  Apparently, he is my golden shadow.

-Mike with Max

Loving Dog

"A couple of our grandkids are loving on Max.  We are enjoying him!"

-Terri G.


"Sunny is the sweetest, smartest girl.  Second day with no accidents.  Made it 7 hours last night without an accident.  Love her!"

"Marley is doing great.  He loves sleeping with our pug!"

Black Pyredoodle
Happy Birthday Pyredoodle

"I brag about Peach all the time!"

"Thank you!  We have been calling her Billie.  She has settled in very well."

"She is amazing!  She's been doing so much running around with other dogs at the dog park so we decided to try something new and go short!"


"Beth is adjusting really well... she's amazing at not having accidents in the house and letting us know when she has to go to the bathroom."

Merry Christmas Doodle

"Bunty is our daughters dog and is starting training as a service animal for my daughter's autism.  Her temperament is insanely good! "

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